The story of Joseph of Arimathea according to the Gospels

 Joseph was a wealthy man who came from Arimathea in Judea.

He was a good and righteous man who managed to be both a member of the Council (the Sanhedrin) and a secret supporter of Jesus - which is why he did not join in the Council's actions against Jesus.

 After the death of Jesus, Joseph asked Pilate for permission to take Jesus' body and bury it properly.

 Permission was granted and the body was taken down. Joseph, helped by Nicodemus, wrapped the body in cloth with the addition of myrrh and aloes.

 They buried Jesus in an unused tomb that Joseph may have intended for himself, where it was protected by a heavy stone rolled against the opening.



 This program was founded in the spirit of Saint Joseph of Arimathea, who assisted with the burial of Jesus Christ. The Scranton Prep  St. Joseph of Arimathea Funeral Ministry program offers pallbearer service, prayer service, scripture readings and love. The service will be offered free of charge to small families, indigent people, or those who die alone. We believe no one should die without being mourned or prayed for. In efforts to live out the Gospel and also be Men and Women for Others, Scranton Prep students will offer their support and hope to others dealing with the death of a loved one.   Click here to view pictures of a recent funeral service held at Scranton Prep.

 To request this service, please contact Scranton Preparatory School at 570-941-7737