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Our School District now subscribes to eLibrary™, the easy-to-use INTERNET- BASED reference resource for STUDENTS, AVAILABLE 24/7. eLibrary offers a broad range of full-text and graphical content that supports student information needs. Students can use this powerful, yet easy-to-use search tool to find the answers they need from more than 1,000 magazines, newspapers, books, maps, pictures, and radio and TV transcripts.

How will eLibrary help?
• Work from school or home on your research assignments.
• Improve your grades by bringing in extra credit articles on what you are studying.
• Find out more about your personal interests and hobbies.
• Combine pictures, maps, and illustrations into presentations and reports.
• Save time by getting all you need for reports from one search!

What can you do?
• Search or browse more than 900 full-text magazines. You can print, save, or email on the spot.
• Look up news articles from more than 200 regional, U.S., and international newspapers.
• Access pictures, maps, and illustrations to enliven homework assignments.
• Explore the meaning of words through the easy-to-use Look-Up feature and the Reference Desk.
• Utilize 193 full-text reference books, including The World Almanac.
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SIRS Researcher deals only with current information on a variety of
social issues. Go to . is a news database that includes World news - 1940 to present,
issues and controversies. Today's science and the World almanac and
encyclopedia. Go to 

World Book
Worldbook- an encyclopedia on line. Can
be accessed from any computer. Go to

Power Library
(may be accessed with Lackawanna County Library Card)
Power Library is comprised of EBSCOhost, Grove's Dictionaries, AP photo archive, Gale Group, Lit finder, Biography Reference Bank, and Oxford
Reference Center Online. 
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C Q Researcher
CQ Researcher gives the
history, outlook, and pro/con articles on a variety of social issues.
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Salem Health
Salem Health includes numerous entries on medical issues.