Scranton Preparatory School offers its student the finest academic technologies available today. The Scranton Prep Computer Network forms the core of all available technologies, allowing teachers and students access to a host of services including the Internet. This document is the Acceptable Use Policy for your use of the Scranton Prep Computer Network. This system has been established for educational purposes. It has not been established as a public access or public forum and Scranton Preparatory School has the right, therefore, to place reasonable restrictions on the material you access or post, the training you need to have before you are allowed to use the system, and to enforce all the rules set forth in the school code and the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Further, you may not use this system for commercial purposes to offer, provide, or purchase products or services for political lobbying. Access to the Internet is available through this school only with permission of the principal or his or her designee and your parents. 
The following uses of the Scranton Prep Computer Network are unacceptable:
1) Personal Safety
a) You will not post contact information (E.g., address, phone number) about yourself or any other person.
b) Social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter explicitly forbidden.
c) Instant messaging of any kind is not allowed. 
2) Illegal Activities
a) You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to this or any other computer system or go beyond your authorized access by entering another person’s account or accessing another person’s files.
b) You will not deliberately attempt to disrupt the computer system or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means.
c) You will not use the Scranton Prep Computer Network to engage in any other illegal act, such as arranging for drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, engaging in criminal gang activity, threatening the safety of a person, making terrorist like threats, etc.
d) The attempted use of proxy servers or internet portals to circumvent the internet content filter is not acceptable.  
3) System Security
a) You are responsible for your individual account and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use your account. Under no conditions should you give your password to another person. If you suspect your password has been compromised, change it immediately or see a member of the technology department for help.
b) You will immediately notify a teacher or the Director of Technology if you have identified a possible security problem. Do not look for security problems. This will be construed as an illegal attempt to gain access.
c) Computer configurations should not be tampered with or modified. Tampering is considered destruction of school property and is grounds for dismissal.
d) You must log off when you leave your computer.
e)  There will be no food or drinks allowed in the computer labs. Inappropriate behavior such as rough housing is not acceptable in the computer labs. 
4) Inappropriate Language
a) On any and all uses of the Internet, whether in application or to public or private messages or material posted to the Web, you will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language. You will not post information that could cause danger or disruption or engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks. You will not harass another person by a persistent action that distresses or annoys another person and you must stop if asked to do so. 
5) Respect for Privacy
a) You will not repost a message that was sent to you privately without permission of the person who sent you the message.
b) You will not post private information about yourself or another person. 
6) Respecting Resources Limits
a) You will use the system only for educational activities.
b) You will not download any files into the system without the permission of the Director of Technology.
c) Installation of any application programs is strictly forbidden.
7) Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement
a) You will not plagiarize works that you find on the Internet. Plagiarism is taking the ideas or writings of other and presenting them as if they were your own.
b) You will respect the right of copyright owners. Copyright infringement occurs when you inappropriately reproduce a work that is protected by a copyright. If you are unsure whether or not you can use a work, you should request permission from the copyright owner. Direct any questions regarding copyright law to a teacher or librarian. 
8) Inappropriate Access to Material
a) You will not use the Scranton Prep Computer Network to access material that is profane or obscene (Pornography) or that advocates illegal acts or violence or discrimination toward other people (Hate literature). A special exception may be made for particular material if the purpose of the access is to conduct research with both teacher and parent approval. b) If you mistakenly access inappropriate information, you should immediately tell your teacher or the Director of Technology. This will protect you against a claim of intentional violation of this policy.
c) Your parents should instruct you if there are additional materials they think would be inappropriate for you to access. Scranton Preparatory School fully expects that you will follow your parents’ instruction in this matter.
d) Games of any type are prohibited at all times.
e) “Chatting” is not allowed on this system. 
f)  Peer to peer networking or downloading is not permitted. 
9) Your Rights
a) Free Speech. The Scranton Prep Computer Network and the internet are considered limited forums, similar to the school newspaper, and therefore Scranton Prep may restrict your right to free speech for valid educational reasons.
b) Search and Seizure. 
You should expect no privacy of the contents of your personal files on the Scranton Prep Computer Network. Routine maintenance and monitoring of the file system may lead to discovery that you have violated this policy, the school code or the law. An individual search will be conducted if there is reasonable suspicion that you have violated this policy, the school disciplinary code or the law. Your parents have the right at any time to see the contents of your files. 
Scranton Preparatory School makes no guarantee that the functions or the services provided by or through the Scranton Prep Computer Network will be error-free or without defect. Scranton Preparatory School will not be responsible for any damage you may suffer including, but not limited to, loss of data or interruptions of service. Scranton Preparatory School is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of the information attained through or stored on the system. Scranton Preparatory School will not be responsible for financial obligations arising from unauthorized use of the system. 
When you are using the system, it may feel like you can more easily break a rule and not get caught. This is not true. The system is being continuously monitored and logged. Your online activities are continuously logged and can be reviewed at any time. 

Consequences for violation of this policy could include any of the following at the discretion of the principal:
1. Student may be required to attend retraining sessions concerning the use of proper procedures.
2. Students may be required to make restitution for damages and resources consumed.
3. Students may be banned from using the computer facilities for a specified period of time.
4. Students may be suspended or expelled.
5. Students may be referred to law enforcement authorities.

Revised Aug. 2011