• Experience Scranton Prep at our Open House on Sunday, October 16, 2016. See why we’re called the Prep Family. Meet students, faculty, parents and administrators. Have your questions answered in person.
  • At our Open House, sign up for the VIP (Visitor in Prep) program and experience the real world of Scranton Prep. Spend a day at Prep. This will be an actual school day, not one contrived to put on a false front. Make friends with Prep students, while you shadow a current freshman through his or her day. Sit in on real classes.
  • Attend the Prep after-school tutoring program (Tuesday afternoons between Open House and the Entrance Exam), in order to help prepare yourself for the Entrance Exam. Meet some current eighth graders from other schools and possible future classmates. This is a good opportunity to review important arithmetic and English grammar concepts. Actual portions of former Entrance Exam questions are used.
  • Challenge yourself by taking the Scranton Prep Scholarship Entrance Examination on Saturday, December 3, 2016.
  • After receiving notification of successful results on the Scholarship Entrance Examination, apply to Scranton Prep.
  • If finances are a concern, apply for financial aid. Your parents will receive the information on necessary forms and information. A determination will be made on how much Scranton Prep will cost you and your parents.
  • This is the last step for acceptance: Come in with your parents for an interview. Answer questions to help you find out if Scranton Prep is a good match for you. Your future professional life will be filled with interviews. Now is a good time to experience perhaps your first serious, important interview.
  • If all goes well, receive your letter of acceptance. Accept the congratulations and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes with the accomplishment of being accepted to Scranton Prep.
  • Submit the deposit and begin to look forward, not only to the next four years, but also to a life of excellence, accomplishments and service.