You can reach any administrative office or teacher by calling Prep's main number (570) 941-7737 and dialing the appropriate extension. A list of extensions is provided below. The telephone system will also allow you to search for users using a voice prompted directory or access via a menu system. A system operator in main office can always be reached by dialing "0"

Administrative Offices Extensions
Main Operator/Office - 100

Admissions Office - 141
Alumni Office - 113
Development Office - 108
Guidance Office - 134
President's Office - 105 
Principal's Office - 101
Technology Office - 116
Treasury Office - 191



Rev. Ryan J. Maher, S.J.

Ext. 105

Mr. Matthew Bernard

Ext. 101

Mrs. Jane C. Nagurney

Assistant Principal
Ext. 104

Ms. Linda Briskey

Ext. 191

Mrs. Karen Minora

Director of Development
Ext. 115

Mr. Christian Davis

Director of Admissions
Ext. 112

Mrs. Mary Grace Phillips

Director of Guidance
Ext. 138

Mr. Corey Henfling

Dean of Students
Ext. 122

Mr. Tim Micek

Assistant Dean of Students
Ext. 126

Mr. Todd Bailey

Student Support Specialist
Ext. 193

Mr. Chris Boland

Alumni & Annual Fund Director
Ext. 113

Mr. Patrick Clemens

Director of Technology
Ext. 116

Mr. Scott Gower

Athletic Director
Ext. 118

Rev. Herbert B. Keller, S.J.

Campus Ministry
Ext. 128

Rev. Eugene A. Nolan S.J.

Sacramental Ministry

Mrs. Mia Regan-Duffy

Director of Marketing & Communications
Ext. 140

Mr. Matthew Walsh

Campus Ministry
Ext. 145

Mr. Donald Walsh

Assistant Director of Technology
Ext. 117

Mr. Gregg Wright

Plant Administrator
Ext. 124



Mrs. Donna Barrett

Mr. Matthew Bernard

Social Studies
Ext. 101

Mr. Robert Beviglia

Classical Language

Mr. Paul Biagioli

Mr. Jason Bugno

Mr. William Burke

Social Studies

Mr. Anthony Cantafio

Mrs. Kathleen M. Ciccotti

Computer Science

Mr. Edward Cosgrove

Ext. 136

Ms. Virgina Cosgrove

World Language/Social Studies

Mrs. Patricia Cuff

Religious Studies

Ms. Mary Kate Culkin

Mrs. Marie Donnelly

Ms. Kathleen E. Elgaway


Mrs. Susanne Fitzsimmons

Mr. Dan Goffredo

Social Studies/Classical Language

Mrs. Christine Greco

World Language/Classical Language

Mr. Colin Holmes

Mr. Aaron Holzman

Mrs. Joselle Jones

Ext. 135

Mr. James Kilker

Religious Studies

Mrs. Bridget Kotchick

Ms. Jeanne Kowalski

Health Education
Ext. 160

Mr. Douglas Knieser

Physical Education
Ext. 166

Mr. Nick Lowry


Mrs. Lora Lynn

World Language

Mrs. Melissa E. Major

Ext. 137

Mrs. Gloria Marotti

Ms. Catherine A. Martin

Religious Studies

Mr. Daniel Marx

Mr. Jim McGovern

Classical Language

Mrs. Kathleen McKenna

Mr. Timothy Micek

Social Studies
Ext. 126

Mrs. Kathleen Mihailoff

Ms. Patricia Morgan

Mr. John Mullen

Mrs. Jane Nagurney

Ext. 104

Mr. Mark Nakahara

Classical Language

Ms. Kathryn Oakley

Computer Science
Ext. 145

Mr. Paul Pearson

Mrs. Lauren Roote

Mrs. Deborah Rose

World Language

Mrs. Maggie Sallusti

Mrs. Anna Scahill

Mr. Jeffrey Seymour

Religious Studies

Ms. Mary Ann Siddons

Dr. Carolyne Stringfellow

Mr. Todd Sykes

Mrs. Lisa Thurston

Mrs. Cathy E. Walsh

Mrs. Erin Walsh

Classical Language

Mr. Matthew Walsh

Ext. 145

Mr. Joseph Yasinskas



Mrs. Bernie Adcroft

Admissions Office
Ext. 141

Ms. Mary Grace Dougherty

Development Office
Ext. 147

Mrs. Chrissie Horvath

Development Office
Ext. 114

Mrs. Jo Anne Maher

Student Commons Moderator

Mrs. Ann Marie Marx

Main Office
Ext. 100

Mr. Gene Michiniski

Greeter/ Equipment Manager
Ext. 151

Mrs. Kathy Pane

Executive Secretary to the President
Ext. 105

Mrs. Lori Scopellitti

Development Office
Ext. 108

Mrs. Barbara Sweeny

Guidance Secretary
Ext. 134

Mrs. Sharon Unovitch

Treasurer's Office
Ext. 191

Mrs. Mary Ann Weed

Treasurer's Office
Ext. 110

Mrs. Terrie Yanoski

Secretary to the Principal
Ext. 101

Mrs. Sheila Zeleniak