·       Announcements for Friday, March 27, 2015


·         The mass for Auction volunteers will be held at 4:30pm, Saturday, in the Student Chapel.


·        All students are reminded to bring $2.00 to school by Monday. This money will help Student Council put together 75 Easter baskets for local children.


·        Student Council is also collecting cans of soup for the Friends of the Poor.  Please bring your soup cans by Wednesday.


·        South Dakota II Service members are reminded to report to the Xavier Center for Auction Clean up on Sunday by 9:00 am.


·        The Classical Languages Club will hold Part 1 of our Music Lecture Series, the Carmina Burona, next Tuesday in Room 300.


·        Boys’ basketball uniforms must be returned today.


·        Anyone with an elevator pass should return it to the Main Office or to Mrs. Nagurney at the end of the day.


·        There will be a very brief but very important meeting for all student volunteers for this Saturday’s auction after school today in the Bellarmine Theatre. Student volunteers are reminded to return their permission slips to the Development Office or to Mr. Marx by today.


·        Boys’ tennis practice Sunday at Prep’s courts from 1 to 3 pm.  Please be on time. Weight room practice is cancelled for today. Weight room is unavailable.  Meet today at 2:35 in 305.  All must attend.


·        There will be a mandatory meeting for anyone interested in joining make up crew for Mary Poppins today directly after school in the Music Room.  Past members MUST attend.


·        +There will be no weight lifting after school today.


·        The Xavier Center will be closed after school today.  Anyone waiting for a ride should go to the Library or to the Drop In Lab.


·        Anyone who has still not received a shirt from New Mexico should see Ms. Kowalski in Room 410 immediately after school.