The primary objective of the mathematics program is to contribute to the total education of the student with course offerings that present a strong preparation, both in concepts and skills, for his or her future needs. The following programs are subject to constant study and review and revisions are made when necessary.

This course introduces the student to the basic structure of mathematics through a thorough study of the real number system. An understanding of the concepts and mastery of necessary skills is emphasized throughout. The need for precision and exactness in expression and thought is constantly stressed. Other topics covered are equations, inequalities, rational and irrational expressions.

In this course the aims begun in Algebra I are continued and carried out to a greater degree. This is accomplished through the study of triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres. The students’ power of spatial visualization is developed through the integration of space geometry with plane geometry throughout the course.

This course is a continuation of Algebra I with the repeated topics covered in greater depth than in the first year. New topics include sequences, logarithms, complex numbers, and the trigonometric functions.

In the Analytical Geometry course, material is presented from the Vector and Cartesian viewpoints. This course includes a thorough treatment of vectors, lines and conic sections in a plane.
In the Elementary Functions course, the following functions are covered in detail: polynomial, logarithmic, and exponential. The basic concepts of calculus are presented and used in the study of these functions.

This one semester course is primarily for students whose college courses will not be in math-oriented fields. Therefore, its goal is to give these students a basic understanding of probability and statistics to prepare them for college courses such as economics, business, education and sociology.

These are college level courses which stress theory, mechanics and applications in differential and integral calculus. They prepare the student for future college math courses and applications in related fields. They cover the material which satisfies the agreement with the University of Scranton enabling students who successfully complete the course to receive college credit without examination. They also prepare students planning to attend other colleges for the CEEB Advanced Placement examinations, which they will take at the conclusion of this course. The A.P. exam is mandatory for students in the A.P. course and optional for those in the honors course.

This program is designed primarily for the student who, at the end of second year, is not strong in mathematics. The material of the regular Math III program - Algebra II and Trigonometry - is extended over a three-semester period. A course in Probability and Statistics in the second semester of fourth year completes the program. This program gives the student the necessary college preparatory mathematics should his future interest be in some mathematically oriented field.

There are two ways for students to qualify for the accelerated math program. The first is for students who have taken a course in Algebra I in eighth grade. Based on the results of a qualifying examination administered at Prep in May, students are given the opportunity to begin their math program with Algebra II in the first year, thus enabling them to complete the pre-calculus program at the end of their junior year.
Another group of students will qualify for this programs based on their school record at the end of freshman year.
All students in the accelerated program will take Geometry in sophomore year followed by an integrated course in Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Analytic Geometry in junior year. These students will then choose A.P. Calculus or Honors Calculus for senior year.
To remain in the accelerated program, students must maintain a sound academic record.
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