"While continuing to stress academic excellence, the Society of Jesus has always sought to imbue students with values that transcend the goals of money, fame and success. We want graduates who will be leaders concerned about the society and the world in which they live, desirous of eliminating hunger and conflict in the world, sensitive to the need for more equitable distribution of God’s bounty...eager to share their faith and love of Christ with others.

"Recent trends in education have focused exclusively on self-actualization of the individual. Today it must be the world community that forms the context for growth and learning...There is no aspect of education, not even the hard sciences, which is neutral. All teaching imparts values and these values can be such as to promote justice or to cross purposes to the mission of the Society (of Jesus).

"The objective of Jesuit education is to form men and women for the service of others in the world community of the 21st century."

Rev. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.
Superior General of the Society of Jesus
June 9, 1989


As a college preparatory high school, Scranton Prep strives to offer a comprehensive curriculum which will prepare students for the rigors of higher education. While striving for academic excellence, Prep students are challenged with a curriculum of core courses and the opportunity to experience electives within various departments. Scranton Prep expects students to challenge themselves with courses that have interest to them through the course selection process.

Prep schedules courses on the basis of a six-day cycle. Most courses meet everyday of the cycle; some lab sciences meet seven or eight times in a cycle, and other courses do not meet every day of the cycle.All courses that do not meet every day of the cycle are granted credit proportional to the number of meetings in a cycle. Every effort is made to allow students to take the courses of their choice. However, due to the complexity and permutations of scheduling, all courses may not be available to every student at all times. 

In order to form well-rounded young men and women who are open to growth, Scranton Prep has a required course of studies with opportunities for electives. All students take four years of math, English, religious education, and physical education. In addition, two years of Latin and two years of modern foreign language are required. Also, all students are exposed to the fine arts through mandated courses in freshman and junior year. All students are encouraged to take four years of science and social studies and to have further experience with the classics. As students grow in an awareness of their strengths and their preferences, they have opportunities to choose from numerous electives in many departments. Some courses, such as Greek and the choice of a modern foreign language, are a two-year commitment. With the assistance of the guidance department, students are encouraged to elect courses that will meet their needs and maximize their chances for selection into the colleges and universities of their choice.

All courses offered at Scranton Prep are college preparatory in nature and attempt to challenge students to grow in academic competence and confidence. It should be understood that all courses at Prep are taught to the highest academic standards. For a select group of students, courses of an advanced, accelerated, and honors nature are offered to encourage those few students to meet even greater challenges. The departments, in collaboration with the administration, select students, based on objective data, student profiles, and the best interest of the student.

All students must complete the required courses of studies and must accumulate a total of twenty-seven and two-thirds credits in order to graduate from Scranton Prep. At the discretion of the Principal, due to the nature of certain elective courses, some students are allowed to graduate having earned a minimum of twenty-six and two thirds credits.



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