Serious preparation for successful college work requires that the student develop habits of organization, inquiry, perseverance, goal setting, self-activity, and a host of other skills. A serious student will learn how to succeed and how to profit from failures as well as to minimize them.
Interest and seriousness of purpose are essential for any degree of success in a demanding and difficult college preparatory program. Such traits will make it much easier for the Prep student to devote the three hours of study-time required on regular school nights. All homework assignments are geared toward the student’s academic growth and are integral to the curriculum. Parents would do well to make periodic checks on these especially on the quality of written assignments.
Attendance is absolutely essential to the accomplishment of the mission of the school. Students are encouraged to strive for perfect attendance. Absenteeism is closely monitored; parents are contacted and interviews are conducted if the student has a high rate of absenteeism.

Report cards are distributed four times each year. These reports will include numerical averages for each course in each quarter and the cumulative average to date in all courses. After each of the first three quarters, students are given the reports to take to their parents. They are issued approximately one week after each quarter ends. At the end of the year, grades are mailed home.
Parents are reminded that their children are part of an academically gifted and competitive community. Grades are meant to report relative progress and to encourage greater achievement. Therefore, some students will have lower grades than they have experienced in the past even though they are expending greater effort.
Prep grades on a 100-point scale, with 70 serving as the minimum passing grade. The table below provides qualitative descriptions and rough equivalencies to other grading systems.
96-100 = A+ = 4.0 = TRULY EXCEPTIONAL
90-95 = A = 3.7 = EXCELLENT
87-89 = B+ = 3.5 = VERY GOOD
84-86 = B = 3.0 = GOOD
80-83 = C+ = 2.5 = AVERAGE
77-79 = C = 2.0 = FAIR
73-76 = D+ = 1.5 = POOR
70-72 = D = 1.0 = UNSATISFACTORY
BELOW 70 = F = 0.0 = FAILING

Mid-quarter reports are issued in the middle of each of the four quarters (marking periods). Reasons for poor and/or unsatisfactory academic performance are explained in such a way that more effective cooperation between parents and teachers will be realized. Also, demonstrated student improvement may be noted on the report. Interest of parents in their child’s progress can be demonstrated through words of praise for satisfactory work and concern for finding the causes for unsatisfactory work.

All students are required to take examinations in each subject at the conclusion of the first semester in January. At the conclusion of the second semester, a student may be exempt from taking the examination. The following policy is used to determine exemptions.Scranton Prep is sensitive to the fact that emergencies and other circumstances arise that may prohibit attendance (illness, funerals, vacations, college visits, medical appointments, non-school athletic events, or any other non-school related absence) Therefore, a student will not be ineligible for exemption until their absences exceed ten days.

A student must not be absent for more than TEN DAYS IN THE SCHOOL YEAR.

In order for a freshman, sophomore or junior student to be eligible for an exemption, he or she must have a 90% average or above for the year in a given subject area and a 90% average or above in the fourth quarter.
In order for a senior to be eligible for an exemption, he or she must have an 87% average or above for the year in a given subject area and an 87% or above in the fourth quarter. The individual teacher and the Principal may decide whether an eligible student is to be granted exemption privilege.
The final grade for each course is assigned by the teacher upon consideration of the grades previously gained for each quarter and examinations.
In order for a student to be eligible to take a mid-term or final exam, all tuition and account balances must be current. In addition, for final exams, all textbooks, library books, and sports equipment must be returned, and senior transcript fees must be paid. Failure to do any of the above will keep a student from taking the exam.

The final grade in all subjects must be 70 or above to allow promotion to the next year. Students who fail more than two subjects for the academic year will be asked to withdraw. Students whose final grade is below 70 in one (or two) subject(s) must attend summer school and receive a passing grade in the subject(s) before being promoted to the next year. Students must be present every day to pass summer school. Students who fail two subjects for the academic year more than one time during their time at Prep will be asked to withdraw. Seniors who fail more than two subjects for the year, or who fail a subject in summer school, must repeat their senior year in another secondary school.

Students receiving two or more mid-quarter reports must attend tutoring sessions to continue participation in extra-curricular activities. Students failing two or more subjects at the end of a quarter are disqualified from participation in extra-curricular activities for two weeks. The decision to re-qualify for an activity is that of the Principal.

Transcripts submitted by Scranton Prep to colleges contain only the final grades for courses. After first semester of senior year, an interim report is submitted to the colleges with grades for the first two quarters and the midyear exams. Report of grades to colleges anytime during an academic year requires that tuition payment be up to date.
Official transcripts do not include any ranking of students. Scranton Prep does not believe that minute fractional differences in averages properly distinguish student performance. Because rank cannot accurately reflect the selective nature of Prep’s student body, the rigorous college preparatory curriculum and individual achievement, it could be a misleading indicator of a student’s true academic ability.

Diplomas are granted to those students who have successfully passed all subjects for all four years.

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