The Mission Statement of Scranton Preparatory School

  The mission of Scranton Preparatory School , as a Catholic and Jesuit college preparatory school, is to form a learning community of men and women distinguished by its commitment to competence, to conscience, and to compassion.




The students of Scranton Prep experience a balanced humanistic curriculum embracing classical and modern languages, social studies and theology, mathematics and science, art and music, literature and speech, health and physical education and computer science.  Students, through this course of studies:

  • Develop skills and habits of personal inquiry and analysis.
  • Become articulate persons through practice in writing and oral expression (eloquentia perfecta).
  • Appreciate cultural diversity through their study of culture in classical and modern foreign languages, world literature and social studies.
  • Realize a Christian version of the human person through a four-year theology course.
  • Cultivate their skills in elective and advanced courses, some of which offer college credit.
  • Discover their individual talents and capabilities through student activities (athletics, newspaper, drama, forensics, etc.).



True to the Ignatian tradition, Prep offers its students opportunities to grow socially and religiously.  As a result of these opportunities, Prep students:

  • Assume leadership and share responsibility in school, community, and church activities.
  • Understand the nature of responsible citizenship.
  • Reach out to local communities as well as other areas of our country and the Third World through a four-year community service requirement which includes the opportunity to participate in typically over a dozen service sites (moderated by nearly two dozen members of the faculty) offered in the summer prior to a student’s senior year.
  • Develop a sincere respect for human life and the rights, property, and happiness of all people of whatever nation, creed, or color.
  • Serve one another through various events conducted by the Chaplaincy and guidance offices.
  • Are concerned for the conservation and equitable sharing of the resources of the world.



All involved in the Prep community learn to share the Ignatian ideal of compassion which is essential to a just society.  Through the efforts of teachers, parents, board members, alumni, and the students themselves, the young men and women entrusted to the care of Scranton Prep:

  • Experience cura personalis, personal concern for the individual, in their associations with faculty and administration.
  • Benefit from the involvement of parents in school life through Parents’ Club events and community worship opportunities.
  • Come to view the Chaplaincy Office as an integral part of the school’s life as it works toward the religious formation of students and faculty.
  • Experience opportunities for prayer and reflection during school Masses, Kairos retreats, days of recollection, and other religious experiences.



Scranton Preparatory School is a Catholic and Jesuit college preparatory school rooted in the four hundred fifty year-old Ignatian tradition of academic excellence combined with dedication to God, country, and humanity.  Scranton Prep fosters a learning community of men and women distinguished by their commitment to competence, to conscience and to compassion.

Academic excellence and personal development of strong and responsible character in the faithful and generous service to the world are the touchstones of this community.

In fostering the life of the mind, Scranton Prep cultivates in its students a desire to gain knowledge, the capacity to reason and the ability to discern right from wrong.  In the pursuit of such learning, Prep students develop logical, critical thinking skills, which through the rigors of academics, enhance their appreciation of life.

Since the Ignatian vision of education involves more than intellectual competence, Prep students are committed to grow not only intellectually, but also socially and religiously through participation in athletics, extra-curricular activities, retreats, public worship and service work.

Consequently, through serving people in Scranton and in other communities, Prep students come to realize the inequalities in the world and begin to understand their Christian faith implies a commitment to effect a just society which gives priority to the needs of the poor.

Students, teachers, parents, alumni, and all involved in sustaining this community of learners, inspired by the Ignatian ideal of cura personalis, personal care for the individual, are invited to be a loving community in service to each other, ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

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