2013 - 2014 Student Council

Student Council consists of four seniors elected for the Scranton Preparatory 2013-2014 school year:
PRESIDENT: Kevin Bannon
VICE PRESIDENT: Richard Potter
SECRETARY: John Hinton
TREASURER: Sarah Murray


Student Council Government must work together in an effort to earn respect from one another, faculty and the student body. A successful Student Council makes decisions to provide positive contributions to the welfare of the group. The officers represent the entire Prep community and are aware that every individual has something to offer. The members of Student Council encourage its peers to communicate and voice their opinions. As a group, the elected members of the 2013 - 2014 Student Council are formulating goals which are intended to benefit the entire student body. This includes organizing and promoting social, academic and religious events to bring student, faculty and parents together, maintain a close relationship with administration in order to review and implement policies which are important to the students, support and encourage participation in every student activity, remain available individually and as a group to listen to the concerns of our fellow students and act on them appropriately, develop and exemplify a positive attitude, accept the responsibilities to attain good citizenship on and off school grounds, and also foster strong school spirit.



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